Hangin' at the pools (Arizona ... 4/2009)

It was still too cold in Jersey, but already hot enough in Arizona to go swimming-- hence the 90+ degree days in AZ in April! Despite the pool water still being a bit chilly, it didn't stop them... the kids had a ball splashing around and playing in the pool at both Aunt Toni's house and at Nanny & Pop's! They both have beautiful pools!

Hanging out at Aunt Toni & Uncle Tom's pool!

Of the 4 kids, Juliana really "jumped right in" when it came to going into the pool ... she is so fearless sometimes; it amazes me and scares me all at the same time!

I think she is going to be like her Aunt Kelly ... a "fish" in the water at the age of 3! I am hoping she learns how to swim this summer! :)

Angelia & Anthony helping Uncle Steve clean the pool

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