A ride on The Polar Express (11/26/2011)

Like a dream come true... we got to take a ride on the POLAR EXPRESS tonight that left from the train station in Phillipsburg, NJ.

It was tons of fun! All of us (big & small) dressed in our PJs and boarded the Christmas-adorned train. We enjoyed a train ride filled with holiday cheer! They told the story of the Polar Express, Santa came around to visit, we had hot cocoa & cookies, everyone sang, etc. -- it was such a nice time!

Thank you, Memom, for this great & memorable experience! We all love you!

Santa Claus is coming... (11/25/2011)

... to Hightstown!!! Santa Claus arrived via firetruck tonight in Hightstown during their annual parade and we were there with so many others to welcome him! :)

Santa-- we'll see you in a month from now. Between now & then, we'll TRY to be good... no promises, though! :)

Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

We had a great Thanksgiving!

We started off the morning over at my Alma Mater -- Hamilton West -- to watch the annual Thanksgiving Day game! Wow-- this brought back a LOT of great memories for me.... this annual game, my cheerleading days, the school spirit, being that "young", etc -- it was great! The best, though, was being able to share this experience with my kids-- and my younger cousin (Nicole). One day -- sooner than I know -- I will be here watching & supporting my kids as they do their thing in high school... amazing!

Anyway-- we watched some of the game and then roamed the halls of the school a bit-- checking out how things still are and seeing how a few things have changed... and sharing memories of my days there with the kids. That was cool! I loved high school... they were great years for me.

We had dinner at our house this year and it went well. I love having the family together. My cousin, Nicole, joined us, which was an added bonus this year. The kids loved hanging out with her, especially. That's what it's all about... FAMILY!

Hope that all of you had a great Thanksgiving and have a LOT to be thankful for this day and everyday! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Celebrating Turkey Day & a birthday! (11/23/2011)

Gobble, gobble...it's about that time!!

Fall recess is upon us and the kids are celebrating Thanksgiving today before they go! They all enjoyed little feasts prepared for them.

Check out all of these little Indians-- too cute! I still remember doing this as a kid. Actually-- we used to make vests out of paper shopping bags and drums from the Quaker Oats containers!! :)

Later that night, we celebrated Aunt Sharon's birthday! (lol... look at Juliana holding Jake's face-- like-- look here, Jake!!)

(Aunt) Sharon... we hope you had a great birthday! Love ya!

Micaela's "Bieber Bike" (11/19/2011)

Did you have a SCHWINN bike when you were a kid? You remember the banana seat, high handlebars, etc ... I had one... bright pink-- I still have it, actually! Well, my CHILDREN are now riding those "antique" bikes, but they are getting an updated look! Believe it or not, these things are collector items and when in good shape, they are worth a LOT of money!! Anyway-- Aunt Sharon has decided to get her hands on a few Schwinn bikes and refurbish them... take them apart, clean them up, paint them, etc. The kids are SO excited about this project!!

Micaela was the 1st one to get one of these "personalized bikes". Aunt Sharon painted it white, purple, & black and they applied Justin Bieber stickers to it, and sealed them over. OMG-- Micaela is SO excited about her "Bieber bike". It's too funny to see her ride it... hands up high on the cars like she's riding a Chopper... lol!

Stay tuned as they "refurb" additional Schwinns. We have a bike for each of the girls and trying to find a boys' bike for Anthony... that's the challenge!

What a way to spend the day! (11/18/2011)

"Aunt Brandi" was loving life today... I got to babysit & spend a few hours with this little girl; my niece, Jayla!

We snuggled, took a nap, watched "Say Yes to the Dress" (I was telling Jayla how that will be her one day), etc. ... had some Aunt/niece time... I love it! OMG-- I SOOOO miss babies. I wish they'd stay this little forever...

Jayla-- Aunt Brandi loves you! :)

Go shorty! (11/1/2011)

Juliana & Micaela have been needing & begging for a hair-cut, so we went today and they went SHORT! I wish they would have waited to make it long enough to dontae, but they didn't want to wait any longer.

Their cuts came out great! They looked so cute with their new shorty-do's!

Trick*or*Treat (10/31/2011)

It' been a LONG, fun day already, but now it's time to hit the streets to Trick-or-Treat! :) It was a great night, great weather for Trick-or-Treating. We've been very lucky to have great nights like this pretty much every year with the kids.

As always, we hit the streets with our entourage -- me, the kids, Aunt Sharon, Memom, Aunt Kelly, & Sam. We roamed all of the neighboring blocks and got a TON of candy. When we got home, we did the annual "candy dump" to check, "sample", & seperate. WOW-- that's a lot of candy!

Hope all of you had a spook-tacular Halloween! :)

Happy Halloween ... fun at school (10/31/2011)

**Happy Halloween!**
Halloween happens to fall on a school day this year, so... it was a fun-filled, spook-tacular day for the kiddies! They went to school, as usual, then came at lunch time to get into their costumes. 4 kids, 4 costumes (plus hair & make-up), and 4 lunches... all taken care of and back to school in 1 hour-- yay! Go Mommy, go Mommy! :) All suited up in their devil, angel, and ninja costumes, back to school we went ready for the parade!

The triplets were so excited about the school parade because this year, they finally got the chance to be in it-- instead of standing on the sidelines.

After the school parade, the kids went back to their classrooms and had a Halloween party!

Check out the spooktacular treats I made for the kids' classes! Pumpkins and witches fingers... :)