One last egg hunt (Arizona ... 4/2009)

The kids lucked out... they got the chance to attend another Easter Egg hunt-- this time in AZ! Along with ToniAnn and the kids, we ventured over to their old neighborhood for their annual neighborhood Easter Egg hunt/party. It was a great time for all... it was great to see how all of the neighbors in the development come together for "family" and "fun". Together, they facilitated the egg hunt for the kids and everyone brought food to share and for all to enjoy!
I wish we had stuff like that in our neighborhoods back in NJ... it was really nice and made for a great time for all!

Unbelievable... EVERY development has at least 1 beautiful park like this, if not more!

Having a SNOW CONE for the 1st time... YUM!
Despite Mommy hating that BLUE stuff (= stains!), the kids thoroughly enjoyed their snow cones! YUM!

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