Puppy love! (Arizona... 4/2009)

The kids, especially Juliana, were loving life with 4 dogs -- Gryffin, Bella, Teddy, & Maisy -- around every day while at Aunt Toni's! The kids played with them and were often found at the screen door talking to the dogs... it was cute!

Bella & Maisy (the newest addition) ... Maisy is a Teacup Yorkie-- what a great little dog! Toni said we could have one of the dogs, well-- except Maisy! lol...

Juliana is like her Aunt Toni-- an animal and baby lover! :)

Micaela talkin' to Teddy. "Ted", as I call him, reminds me of an old man ... he's is Pop's buddy. Teddy even went for a few swims with the kids... they loved that!

One day I'll have to get them one... when the kids get a little bigger!

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