1st visit to Ocean City (9/18/2010)

Finally-- after 32 years... I (Brandi) went to Ocean City, NJ! As most of you know, I/we frequent the Jersey Shore quite often, but Ocean City is a placed I have always wanted to check out, but never went. So today, on my 32nd birthday, that's where Sharon, the kids, & I spent the day! :) It was a beautiful day down there and we had a good time!

While enjoying a little "down time" on the Boardwalk, we were startled by **LOUD** whoosh of planes flying overhead... and it continued-- guess what, the planes were practicing for tomorrow's Air Show. It was loud, but cool to watch!

Hey Mr. Peanut!

I took Angelia's on her 1st "Log Flume" ride! She was scared (I had "the death grip" on her the whole time!)... after the 1st "drop", she wanted to get off, but she went down the next one and was smiling when we got off. I don't think she'll be rushing back to ride it again anytime soon, but she tried it! :) I love sharing the "firsts" with my kids.

What a great way to spend "most" of my birth-DAY! :) A beautiful day & lots of fun!

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