Triplets' 1st day of school (PreK)! (9/13/2010)

Well, the day has finally come... the triplets go to school! It's only PreK, but it's "school"! I can't believe they are old enough to do this!

They were SO excited for days (well-- weeks) about being able to go to school! That morning, we got Angelia up & off to school, came home, got all ready, and then off to PreK! WHen it was time to go into the classroom, no tears-- they gave kisses & said their goodbyes, and off into the classroom they went!
Wow-- it's such an odd feeling-- walking them into the school-- the place where I brought Angelia 2 years ago with the triplets trailing behind and waving good-bye to their big sister & cousin... and now-- here they are, going into the classroom themselves! Wow!

They came out of their 1st day with all smiles & can't wait to go back. :) I heard all about their new friends, what they did, all about the teacher & the classroom, etc. Wow-- they are SO growing up! I can't wait to see how much they grow & flourish this year... it's a great opportunity for them.

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