... to Arizona we go! (4/2009)

As many of you may recall, Mike's Mom, Dad, & brothers moved out to AZ from NJ in Fall '08 where they now live in a beautiful home, in a great area, just minutes from where Mike's sister and her family live, as well. This was our 1st time visiting as a family and we had a great time visiting Mom/Nanny, Dad/Pop, (Uncle) Stephen, (Uncle) Mark, (Aunt) Toni, (Uncle) Tom, and the kids! We are happy to find that everyone is happy with their new home... AZ is beautiful! :) We hope to make many more trips out to AZ to see everyone... we love spending time all together and we miss them a lot!
I have many Arizona-related pics to post, but let's start off with these... the most important ... the "family pics"... that's what it's all about! :)

Juliana & (Aunt) ToniAnn

Angelia & Pop

The girls & Stephanie

Mom/Nanny & Dad/Pop

Jules & Thomas

Stephen & Michael

Celebrating (Uncle) Mark's 49th birthday!

Micaela & Uncle Mark

Matthew & Angelia

CJ & (Uncle) Mike

Angelia & (Aunt) Toni

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