Up, up, & away... (4/13/09)

to Arizona we go! LOTS of "firsts" on this trip... this was our 1st family vacation, the 1st time the triplets were on an airplane, etc. Overall, the kids did well in the airports and on the plane ... it is definitely a challenge, though, keeping 4 little ones occupied & content for a long period of time. As most of us know, though, there is usually "1 in the bunch" that acts up and for this event, it was Juliana. She was very antsy on the plane and had her "moments", but she made it, we made it, all is well! :)
Our trip was LOTS of fun, we had LOTS of good times, shared LOTS of love with family, etc. -- on that note, LOTS more pics to follow! stay tuned...


Annie said...

Oh my, can't believe the babies were on an airplane BEFORE ME!!! LOL :) Can't wait to see more pics!

G&S said...

All ready to go to my hometown roots! Just checkin' in on you all, love you all. We should be there mid-August. Hope to see you all!