New Faces Day (4/4/09)

It was a windy, but beautiful day "down on the farm".
After we left mini-VBS, we ventured to Howell Living Farm for "New Faces Day" ... a day to meet the new "babies" on the farm. Among the "new faces", the kids got to see (and even touch) lambs, chicks, and piglets ... and got to get up close to see pigs, oxen, and horses -- they were overwhelmed by the size of full-grown horses as they passed by pulling the hay wagon. It was a great opportunity for the kids... they were so excited to see the animals, especially Juliana -- my animal lover!

I laugh every time I see this picture-- the "farm version" of Abbey Road! :)

We look forward to returning to Howell Living Farm this year and even next year to see how big all of these "babies" have gotten!
Thanks for the idea, Aunt Sharon!


Annie said...

Wow-looks like fun! Great pics, too!!! I've never been to that Farm.......hhhhmmmmmmm! :)

Annie said...

PS-LOVE the new background, by the way! :)
I might have to steal it from you! :) :)