Dying eggs 2009 (4/10/09)

Welcome to the Egg Dying event of 2009 in the Zerilli household! :) "Memom" and I decided to tackle this event on our own this year with the 6 little ones and everyone did a good job, had fun, and no major messes to report. It was a bit easier this year because the little ones (Courtney & the triplets) "got it" and could work more independently than in previous years.

Here are the finished products made by 6 very proud little ones!

p.s. "Mom tip" for you: WINDEX or LAVA SOAP will remove the egg dye from your skin or that of your little ones! Micaela was the "winner" of the most colorful hands this year! Why use a spoon to stir your egg around in the dye when you have 10 fingers to do the job!?! go figure! :)

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Annie said...

Great job, kiddos!!!! LOVE the aprons, by the way!