Mini-VBS ... Easter edition (4/4/09)

Kicking off April and the Easter holiday, all 4 of the kiddies got to go to the mini-Vacation Bible School (Easter celebration) hosted by the Lutheran Church where Angelia attended 3 yr. old Preschool. This was the 1st time the triplets got to attend mini-VBS and they were excited to do "school things" like crafts, etc. They got "crafty", did lots of fun things, & got lots of goodies.

Decorating eggs... without egg dye! Yay-- no mess! :)

Pretty butterflies!

Time to get goody-filled eggs! The kids were only supposed to collect 5 eggs each, but being 3 years old, they collected every egg they found-- every man for themself, I guess!

Making jewelry

Check out our pretty bead crosses! :) We did a great job!

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Annie said...

Oh, Brandi, they really are getting to be such big kids!!! Looks like they all had a blast doing fun and crafty things-just like their mama, right? :)