Always a party! (2/15/09)

Let the CRAZINESS begin! From beginning to end, this day was full of CRAZINESS and ENERGY!
As I attempted to get ready for the triplets' third and final birthday celebration for their 3rd birthday, I had my 6 little ones (my 4 and my 2 nieces) causing their normal daily havoc. In the midst of this, 1 of the 6 decides to put her panties on her head! That's my Juliana... lol. :) She was laughing hysterically with the others laughing just as hard!

Let the party begin! Today, I had some of my friends over with their little ones for a "kiddie party" to celebrate the triplets' 3rd birthday and... it was definitely a KIDDIE PARTY -- we ended up having a total of 18 little ones (ages: 7 weeks old up to 6 years old) and 10 adults. Oh yeah-- it was fun! :)
Since most of them are too little for "structured" party games, we had free play and everyone did their thing! There were kids & toys everywhere, but the kids all had a great time playing together and the adults enjoyed catching up a bit.
To all of our friends who came to celebrate with us today, we thank you all for coming and for all of the awesome birthday gifts! We are very lucky to have such great friends! Love... Anthony, Juliana, & Micaela (and Mommy & Daddy, too)

Usually a bath is a nice way to unwind after a busy day, well... with the 4 little ones in the tub, that's not the case! :) Always a PARTY! Gotta love tubby time!


Annie said...

What a fun birthday party!!!! My little ones had a blast playing :)

Happy Birthday Zerilli triplets!!! I still can't believe you are three years old!

Annie said...

OMG-I LOVE the tubby pic!