Here we GROW! (Feb. '09)

With all of the posts about the triplets' birthday festivities, Valentines Day, etc., I forgot to post about the triplets' 3 year old physical, which they had the day after their actual birthday (2/11/09).

Dr. Sheth gave them ALL an "A plus ... Perfect, perfect!", which is always a good thing coming from him... and it always makes me giggle when I hear him say that! lol... if you go to him, you know what I mean! :) Anyway-- I am very happy & proud to report that my now 3 yr. old triplets are all very healthy and "on the charts" with their height & weight ... falling in/around the 45-50% percentile for each ... yay! So-- amongst children their age, they are right in the middle growth-wise.
Here are their results...

Anthony ... 31 lbs. & 37.25" tall (5 lbs, 15 oz. at birth)
Juliana ... 29 lbs. & 36.5" tall (4 lbs, 6 oz. at birth)
Micaela ... 30 lbs. & 36.75" tall (5 lbs, 2 oz. at birth)

Yikes-- my "babies" are getting TOO big, TOO fast!


Annie said...

Awwww, I love those A+'s!!!! :) Makes me giggle, too! :)

Yay on being on the charts-I can't wait to say that about mine!

Glen & Shilo said...

Omi word, they are 3 years old already...can't believe how time flies mommy Brandi. Happy late #3 Birthday triplets!!! I really liked the black and white shots you took too. Hope things are going well for you guys and that it's not too CRAZY. Lots of love!