I "wuv" you! (Valentines Day '09)

Nothin' but love on this Valentines Day! Angelia & Savanna started off their day with a Valentines Day party at Preschool where they exchanged Valentines... they were very excited to bring in Valentines and receive them from their classmates. This was the 1st year Angelia got to write her own out-- well, I wrote each child's name and she signed her name... it was cute and of course, I had her sign one for me to keep! :)
At the end of their Preschool day, all of the kids came out of their classroom with all of their Valentines and goodies and... a rose for their Moms-- OMG, how sweet! Yes-- it brought tears to my eyes seeing my little girl filled with love & joy as she gave me the rose. These are definitely "the days"... :)

The kids continued to spread the love around once we got home from Preschool pick-up and of course, I had to capture those moments as well! I will use these as "reminders" when they get older and fight! lol... :)

A sweet surprise from a "secret Valentine" (a.k.a. our next door neighbor, Doris)!

Wishing all of you lots of love from all of us on this Valentines Day! **muah!**
p.s. "wuv" = LOVE in the words of my little ones. whatever works... :)

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Annie said...

Awww, it is obvious there is lots of love in the Zerilli home! :)