Back to the beach (5/08)

I say it time & time again... Angelia (at her very young age) has more of a social life than I do! lol... She's either hanging out with or going to dinner with the neighbors, going somewhere with Memom, hanging out with Savanna, or going "camping" with Uncle Billy & Aunt Barbara-- which is what she got the chance to do this weekend! Michael's Aunt and Uncle took her down the shore this weekend to their camper and she had a blast! :) She got to play in the sand, collect shells, have lots of goodies, went to Wildwood's Boardwalk (she says... "watch the tram car please!"), went on the rides ... she was loving life! She loves spending time with them & they enjoy having her.
**Thank you Uncle Billy & Aunt Barbara for taking me! I love you! Love... Angelia :)


Annie said...

I don't think I EVER had an active social life as Ms. Angelia! She is very lucky to have so many people who care about her! :)Looks like she has a blast!

Glen & Shilo said...

Fun to catch up on what is going on with you all Brandi :). We love Uncle Bill and Auntie Barbara too! What a cutie Angelia is.