Potty Mommy! (5/14/08)

I think the "time" is coming... time to start POTTY TRAINING the triplets! Over the last week, the girls have been more interested in using the potty.. Anthony has chimed in from time to time, as well. Even though we haven't had many successful attempts yet, we're at least working on the skills of using the potty, etc. **Juliana was looking too cute the other night sitting on the potty, so had to take advantage of the photo op, as you can see and OMG-- I love her in pigtails! :) That was a 1st for them, too... she loved them! :)
Anyway-- making a big deal out of the new-found interest, Michael and I took the triplets to Babies R Us on Saturday night and got them each a potty... stackable, 1 piece potties... alright! :) Small, easy to clean, stackable, 1 piece... why not? When we brought them home on Saturday night, they all had to strip immediately and hop on their potty... pink for the girls and white for Anthony.
With summer coming, I'll be in pursuit of potty training them. I know-- oh what fun! :) Stay tuned for updates and details. Hoping they train as quickly as Angelia did... wishful thinking! :)

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Annie said...

Oh my, that is a BEAUTIFUL picture! I know she's on the potty and all, but that's a great picture of her!