Donuts for Dad (11/29/07)

Today, Angelia's preschool had "Donuts for Dad" day. Since they will not be in school when Father's Day actually rolls around in June, they have their "Father's Day" celebration in the Fall. So... Michael (a.k.a. the "proud Daddy") went to Angelia's school today and enjoyed the time with his little girl. :) Each of the kids in the class had their Dad or someone there to share the special day with. They gave the kids and the dads donuts and the kids gave each of their Dads projects they had made, which Michael loved-- and so did I-- I'm a sucker for "homemade" gifts! :)

She made a magnet... it was her hand traced and a little poem on it that read... I made this handprint for you so that one day when I am tall, you'll remember what my hands looked like long ago when I was small. AAAAWWWW-- I know... my heart is melting, too!! She colored a card for her "Dad" that had a little saying about her Dad being special. And finally-- the funniest and cutest "project" was the fill-in-the-blank "My Daddy is..." project. Over the course of a few weeks, the teachers would ask these "random questions" and would fill in the blanks for the kids. This is how Angelia's turned out (the info in BOLD are Angelia's responses).... My Daddy is 25 years old and is 4 feet tall! He is very strong! He can even lift cookies. My daddy's job is to bake cookies. His favorite thing to do with me is to pick me up. I really love my dad! He's as cool as school! Love, Angelia lol... too cute! Michael said that among the other dads in the class, he was "tagged" as the 2nd oldest dad in the class... another child's dad was "tagged" as 84 and all of the others were like 1, 4, etc. years old... lol. The thing about the cookies... he does bake cookies with her... this kid doesn't miss a trick!

So-- just thought I'd share. I love these little "happenings" and Michael had a good time with his BIG little girl. She loves her Daddy! :)

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Annie said...

OMG, I was almost in tears.............sooo sweet of Angelia, and funny, too!!!!
Happy Father's Day, Michael!! :)