It's TURKEY time! (Thanksgiving 2007)

This year, we stayed home and enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at our house. "Memom" (my mom), Aunt Dana (my sister), Savanna, & Courtney (my nieces) joined us for dinner. It wasn't a "quiet or relaxing" Thanksgiving to say the least -- how can it be with 6 little ones 3 and under in the mix?? -- but it was really nice... I love having everyone together and the kids love being and playing together. We started off dinner with intentions of Savanna or Angelia saying a prayer that they supposedly learned in Sunday School or PReschool, but that didn't go as planned, so Michael finished that for the girls. Angelia then shared what she is thankful for.... "my fam-i-wee, my baby (doll)..." -- it was cute!

For dinner, the kids were each given a well-prepared plate with a "little bit of everything" on it -- from turkey to turnips to sweet potatoes-- you name it. :) Micaela and Anthony really "tore up" their dinner, whereas the other 4 picked at this and that, but ate well and enjoyed it. As expected, dessert was more of a hit... gotta love the sweets! That love starts at a VERY young age I've noticed!

Another Thanksgiving and another year for us to be VERY thankful for all we have been given. :) We have definitely been blessed and are very fortunate. Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :)


Annie said...

the kids look soooo cute eating their feast!!!!

Glen & Shilo said...

Glad you all had a good Thanksgiving! It was fun to catch up on the lives of you both and the kiddos. The crib story, wow--what a pain but amusing as well.

Sending love,
Glen & Shilo