Drawers aren't just for clothes... (12/1/07)

... not in this house, obviously! Yes, this is how and where I found my 2 little "angels" this morning when I went in their room... and was greeted by Micaela saying "Hi Mommy!" with her usual big grin on her face! :) Thank goodness the dresser is strapped to the wall to avoid toppling over. And... believe it or not, we have safety locks on the drawers too, but they must have figured those out!

So yes, they're still at it-- jumping out of their cribs. Only when they are tired will they stay in their cribs. In the meantime, we are still deciding what to do with them... bed, 1 side off of the crib, etc.??? For now, though, the gate is up at their bedroom door & at the top of the steps, the clothes are locked in the drawers, the furniture is secure, etc.

As we have learned (especially having the triplets), "status quo" will only be "status quo" for awhile... you never know what they're going to do next... YIKES!

I had to include a picture of my little guy... happy and content as can be in his crib and making no attemtps to escape like his sisters! You put him in his crib and he immediately falls into his favorite position (on his belly, curled up), puts his thumb in his mouth, and he's good to go! He is such a sweet, laid back little guy! :) He's not in a rush for ANYTHING... better for Mommy that way! :)

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Annie said...

OMG, I read your posts on the triplets, and think OMG, in six months or so, that is what I am in for! :) Gotta get Tom to bolt the dressers down!!! :) lol

You have some smart and determined girls on your hands! :)

And love the pic of Anthony behaving so well! Reminds me of my Austin!