Angelia's 1st school show! (12/18/2007)

She had her 1st singing debut... in her Preschool's CHRISTmas presentation. Daddy, Mommy, the triplets, Memom, & Aunt Kelly came out to watch this very short, but very cute "show". The BIG SHOW DAY that she had been practicing for was finally here.. she was excited! She had been singing WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS and RING RING RING THE BELLS at home for weeks!
At the show, Angelia came into the chapel leading the line and happliy on the alter she stood... she looked very proud and was happy to see all of us there for her. Once the music started, though, she froze... she didn't sing or do the hand motions like most of her classmates. She stood there for the most part looking down at her hands and playing with a hair-tie she got from her pocket.... a little "stage fright"?!? Her "proud Daddy" taped the entire show... it was very cute! At that age, you never know what is going to happen... 14 kids doing 14 different things. The kids all did a really good job, though!
When we met up with her at the end, she was still very happy & excited... we told her what a good job she did. We commented to her how we would have loved to have heard her voice and all she could do was smile and say "I know." :) That's my girl! :)

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Annie said...

She looks like she did a great job!