I'm the "Picture Parent"... imagine that!? (12/20/07)

Yes-- I signed up to be the "picture parent" for Angelia's CHRISTmas party. I was the parent taking pictures of the class aduring their party... making sure I got a shot of EVERY kid. Supposedly, the pictures taken throughout the year will all come together for a year-end project-- I can't wait! :) Anyway-- the kids had a ball! They made wreaths using mini bagels, green cream cheese, & candy for decoration, they made "reindeer food" to put out on Christmas Eve, and they got to decorate their own gingerbread man-- and got to eat all of tehir goodies in the end, of course! All of these projects were firsts for Angelia... she did a great job and had fun!!
p.s. OMG-- she also made Michael and I a Christmas present! It's a tile with a Christmas tree on it made from her hand and it says, "Hand-made with love"... OMG-- my heart is melting!! :) I LOVE hand-made gifts!!

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Annie said...

You're such a good mom! I was never asked to be the "Picture Parent"!!!! Great job!