Angelia: The crafter, the baker, the candy maker (12/2007)

Angelia continued to be very BUSY preparing for Christmas... literally, having her "hands" in many projects. She made chocolate lollipops for her pre-school class, glitter star ornaments for family & friends, and helped bake cookies. Needless to say... we had glitter EVERYWHERE, cookie dough EVERYWHERE, and chocolate EVERYWHERE, but it was SO worth it... Angelia had a good time and was very proud of herself. :) She's a "crafty little sucker"! lol... :) Wow-- my little girl is getting too big, too fast!


JerseyFabulous said...

awww, she is getting so big! We hung her star at the top of our tree because we didn't have one until Angelia made a beautiful one for us!! And the cookies were very tasty as well.. mmmm mmm mmm :)

Annie said...

Looks like Angelia did a great job! We did some "ornament making" last year with Nicholas...........sooo cute!