One last trip to the Boardwalk (9/9/2011)

For the last few years around this same time, we always seem to make out last trip to the Boardwalk for the Summer season. Well, tonight was the night and to Pt. Pleasant we went!

We hit the "claw machines" and wheels with Aunt Sharon!

We rode the rides and the little girls had some firsts... Micaela went on the Moby Dick ride for the 1st time-- she started off excited, but the fear & tears took over quickly! Then, the girls rode the big Himalaya for the 1st time... loved it!

The kids played the "candy wheel" as they always did and ended up winning! They LOVE winning at this wheel. I wonder why?? :)

Bye for the season Jersey Shore!
We'll see ya next Summer... if not before! :)

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