1st day of Kindergarten & 2nd grade! (9/7/2011)

Wow!! IN a blink of an eye, my children have gone from being held in my arms to hugging them good-bye on their 1st day of school!

Today was the day... Angelia's 1st day of 2nd grade & the Triplets' 1st day of Kindergarten! Everyone was SOOO excited to go to school... but a little nervous, which quickly subsided.

Wow-- I can't believe they are ALL old enough to go to school now! It was a bittersweet day for me, as tears of disbelief, joy, & sadness ran down my face -- after I said good-bye to them, of course! A new milestone in their life they are embarking on and major changes for my life as I have knwn it the last 5+ years!

At the end of the day, ALL smiles, LOTS to share, & eager kids ready to go back tomorrow & have a great school year!! :)

Angelia, Anthony, Juliana, & Micaela-- Mommy cannot believe all 4 of you are in school now! I am SO proud of all 4 of you & I hope you have a great school year! Mommy can't wait to see how you all grow and how much you will do & learn this school year! Mommy loves you all SSSSSSSOOOOOO much!!!!

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