One last hoorah for Angelia's birthday! (9/4/2011)

As most of you know, the kids' birthdays are never celebrated and over in 1 day... it's usually celebrated in it's entirety over a few days. Well, Angelia's birthday was no different and today we celebrated with family & close friends for 1 last time. :) We had a pool party at Memom's and had a great time! We had great weather & lots of fun.

As the day drew to an end, the kids couldn't wait to get Memom's fire pit ignited to roast marshmallows. *yum*

Angelia- here's to your 7th birthday! I hope you have had a lot of fun celebrating it this year. I love you SO much and have 7 years old is a ton of fun for you, Baby Girl. :) xo

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