Build-A-Bear (9/5/2011)

Give a kid a gift card and they can't wait to use it! :) The triplets were given a gift card for Build-A-Bear awhile ago and have been pestering to go ever since --> "Mom-- we need to go to Build-A-Bear! Mom-- we have a gift card for Build-A-Bear, remember?!?" So, today we went. The triplets made a bear for themselves and Angelia mad a bear for their new cousin-to-be (Jayla).

They were so excited and had so much fun! The "making of the bear" went pretty smooth and then it came to "dressing" the bears... OMG!! "Mommy- which outfit do you like? I like this outfit. No.. I like this one better!" As always, Micaela was the most indecisive (she gets that from me!) and after the others had their bears dressed and registered, Micaela was finally done!

They could't wait to show off their bears and they can't wait to give Baby Jayla her bear when she finally arrives... in about a month! :)

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