Girls' night out to celebrate Angelia's birthday! (8/29/2011)

A girls' night out complete with pizza, polish, dessert, and Justin Bieber = a little girls' dream! To celebrate Angelia's 7th birthday, that's exactly what we did! :)

The girls were SO excited to get a manicure and pedicure... a "first" for a lot of them! They loved picking out their polish color... from yellow to blue to red to orange to glitter, by the time they were done picking their colors, I think we had every color in the rainbow and thensome picked out ready to paint their fingers and toes. :)

Thanks to Kim & her staff at Prime Nails in Bordentown for making Angelia's birthday awesome... they were all so great wih the girls! You made a lot of little girls (and me, too) very happy that night! :)

Angelia- Mommy hopes that you had a great time at your party tonight! I enjoyed seeing all of you pretty little girls so excited. I can't believe that my "baby girl" is growing up SO fast!! I love you so much, Baby Girl! Happy 7th Birthday!

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