Angelia's 7th Birthday! (8/31/2011)

Yay-- today was Angelia's 7th birthday and it was a fun-filled day! Angelia, the triplets, Courtney, Memom, and I spent this sunny (birth-) day at HURRICANE HARBOR and had a blast! Lots of sun, fun, splashes, and smiles. :)

After our day at HURRICANE HARBOR, we came home to celebrate with the family!!

Angelia... 7 years old already!?! I can't believe it, Baby Girl! You are becoming such a big girl and Mommy is SO proud of you. I hope you have had a great 7th birthday! Over these last few days, I have had a lot of fun celebrating with you... lots of sun, fun, and smiles. You know, 7 is a lucky number, so hoping "7 years old" brings you lots of great things everyday of this year & always... and everyday of my life- I am so lucky to be your Mommy. :) I love you SO very much, Baby Girl! Happy 7th Birthday!

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