Weathering Hurricane Irene (8/27/2011)

This usually doesn't happen where we are, but this time- we were expected to take a direct hit from a hurricane... Hurricane Irene. Being on the East Coast, but more inland, when a hurricane hits the Shore, we get the rains and winds from the outerbands of the storm, but this time, the storm was HUGE and expected to go over us. So-- we stocked up on bottled water, finally convinced Grammy to get here to stay with us to ride out the storm, and Sharon & Jake joined us, too... can you say Hurricane party!?! :) We simply hung out here all night, watched the storm tracker, played, kept busy, huddled into 2 rooms as we slept that night-- staying together as much as possible just in case, etc., and in the end, we didn't lose power, no damage for the exception of some messes outside, and we were all okay. :) The anticipation of something like this was scary, but glad we weathered the storm well and all together.

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