An EGG-cellent day! (4/22/2011)

Today is not only GOOD Friday... it was an EGG-cellent day!
Angelia, the triplets, Savanna, Courtney, Memom, Sharon, & I headed over to Shady Brook Farm for a hayride, egg hunt, meet the Bunny-- and have fun! We had a beautiful day and the kids had a great time! They realloy had a nice set-up there for the kids.

That poor bunny... attacked by 6 little ones... what a "bunny hug"! :)

After we got back from the farm, it was time for our annual Easter egg dying! Every year, since the kids were really little, all of the cousins get together just before Easter to dye eggs. :) The kids were so excited to dye eggs and did a great job-- with minimal mess (yay!).

Countdown to the Bunny's arrival... 2 days and counting! :)

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