All dogs go to Heaven (4/22/2011)

Today, was a sad day, too... Samantha (a.k.a. "Sammy" - Sharon's dog) went to "Doggy Heaven". This was a tough loss... she was such a great dog and companion.

The kids, especially, loved Sammy.... taking her for walks, playing with her in the yard, laying with her for "movie night", playing ball with her (she loved balls, especially tennis balls). Sharon told the kids she had passed, they asked a few questions, and seem content with the fact she went to "Doggy Heaven" through the break in the clouds where the sun shines through.

Sammy will definitely be missed. I am so lucky that my kids got to spend a few years with such a great dog!
Thank you for sharing Sammy with us, Aunt Sharon! Love you both!

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