Christmas Eve 2010

Keeping up with our annual Christmas Eve tradition (of the last few years on xmas eve)... Memom & Aunt Sharon joined us for dinner (we enjoyed the traditional xmas eve lasagna), took pics in our xmas eve best & again at bedtime in our xmas jammies, we went to mass, came home to see Santa on the fire truck coming around the neighborhood, left a treat for Santa, and off to dreamland the little ones went... while the Mom & Dad did their "xmas eve duties".

I couldn't find the "Milk for Santa" cup this year, so the kids chose this Pilsner cup for his milk. After we got it all set-up, I had to laugh... the plate said "Dear Santa, I have been good" and the cup the kids chose (from a Coyote Ugly bar) says "Misbehavior Encouraged". A little contradictory, ay? lol...

Last, but certainly not least -- meet JOEY. Joey (a.k.a. "The Elf on the Shelf") came to us this year for the 1st time. Joey was sent to us anonymously and his job was to keep an eye on the children daily & report back to Santa! :) Daily, the kids would come downstairs and look for Joey -- he moved to a different location daily. They had a fun time looking for him, but "behaving" & being on their best behavior while he was around, well-- that's another story! So anyway-- Joey took his last "spin" on the tree for this year ... this was his final hang-out for this Christmas season. Back to the North Pole he goes tonight with Santa. Until then-- bye Joey! See you next year!

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