Christmas Day 2010

Santa was here...

...and here they come!!!

Yes, another fun-filled, chaos-filled, wrapping paper-filled Christmas morning at the Zerilli household! :) The kids were so happy, excited, and overwhelmed by everything! From scooters to dress-up clothes to cars & trucks to Snuggies to to Pillow Pets to craft stuff... they got it ALL and thensome! They wanted to play with anything and everything... NOW!

Santa even brought Miley presents... she's been a good girl this year, too! And-- it's a special Christmas for her-- her 1str Christmas! She got new toys, treats, and a new coat-- snazzy pink coat, ay?

While Mommy whipped up her annual Christmas morning breakfast, Aunt Sharon & Daddy took care of getting all of the toys of of the boxes and in working order.

After the kids played and we relaxed & got in our Christmas Day best, off to Memom's for Christmas dinner with the family! Once at Memom's, we had a yummy dinner, opened gifts, and hung out with the family... it was a lot of fun and a very nice time!

CHEERS! The kids loving their "Shirley Temples"... a holiday treat! :)

Hoping all of you had a wonderful Christmas! Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good night!

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