Santa stopped by... our house! (12/23/2010)

You just never know who's going to drop by the Zerilli household! From random friends & family to BARNEY to the EASTER BUNNY... you just never know! Well tonight, we had yet another surprise visitor... SANTA CLAUS! Yes, the man in the red suit himself. :) We thought we heard something and when we looked out front, there he was on the front lawn! All 6 kids were here and SOOO excited! Santa came in, talked with the kids, gave them treats, and told the kids about Grammy & Memom when they were little girls (he's got a good memory! -- Grammy was hysterical watching all of this go on).

How lucky are we? What an awesome visitor, huh?? Like I tell the kids, you never kow where Santa is going to pop up! Be afraid... be very afraid (and behaved!)! **Thank you for coming, Santa!**

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