Angelia's 6th Birthday party - KIDS edition (8/25/2010)

As always, the kids' birthday tend to yturn into a few day / weeklong celebration and the celebration of Angelia's 6th Birthday was no different! We kicked off the 6th birthday celebration at PUMP IT UP where all of her friends (and family) gathered to bounbce around & celebrate! The party was a hit, the kids had a great time, and Angelia was so happy & excited!

All ready to bounce & party... the calm before the PARTY storm! :)

To all of Angelia's friends & family... thank you all for coming to celebrate her 6th birthday! We hope you all had a great time... Angelia had a blast & thanks all of you for being there for her special day & for all of the awesome gifts! She is very lucky to have so many awesome friends & a great family! Love from Angelia... :)

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