A day at Space Farms (8/21/2010)

Today, we visitied Space Farm for the 1st time!

Check out the bear behind us -- it's name is Goliath! Goliath, who once lived at Space Farms, was known as the largest bear in captivity in the World!

The kids really enjoyed checking out all of the animals and being able to feed most of them along our way aound the Zoo. Of all of the animals there, they liked the deer the best. I can't believe how "friendly" they can be. When in the wild, they are always running the other way at the slightest sound and here, they come right up to you and eat out of your hand, follow you as you walk, etc. It was neat! Mommy's personal favorite was the Prarie dogs! THey were too cute and they're "environment" was cool... lots of whole and tunnels to hide & travel in. The neatest thing is how one stands guard while the others play and after awhile, another comes up to take over as "look-out"... very cool!

lol... they're in the "bird cage"! :)

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G&S said...

Fun to share in the Zerilli happenings, the kids seem to be getting so big Brandi. How's Michael doing these days? Sending hugs to you all, G&S :)