"The tooth" falls out! (8/27/2010)

Angelia lost another one (even though the "gap" you see looks like it could have held a few teeth in that 1 spot!)... this makes 3 and this time around, "3" is definitely a charm! This is "thee" tooth, the top front tooth... the one that has given us a run for our money & caused such worry these past few years. The one she broke when she was 17.5 months old after falling in the hospital after I had the triplets, the one she later fell & hit in AZ & had to have capped. We are hoping her new, permanent "big girl" tooth is here to stay and will forever go... untouched! :)

'Tis the season... Angelia goes into the Fall season looking like a Jack-O-Lantern and loves it! :)

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