More visitors... more fun times! (July-Aug. '09)

With Stephanie still here visiting with us, (Aunt) ToniAnn, (Uncle) Tom, Thomas, and Matthew came to visit us from AZ too for a week! :) As always, it was so great to see them and everyone had lots of fun and good times while they visited. While they were here, we went to Belmar (beach), we celebrated Thomas' 11th birthday, the kids went to Chuck E Cheese for the 1st time, they went down the shore to enjoy the Boardwalk, and spent a lot of fun, quality time together.
Here's some pics of their visit and the good times they shared...

Aunt Toni, Uncle Tom, Steph, Thomas, & Matty... we are all so happy that you could come back East to visit us. As always, it was great to see all of you and spend lots of time together. Thank you for everything! We hope we can all be together again soon... here in NJ or in AZ. As always, we love you and miss you! :)

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