Mommy's little getaway! (Aug. '09)

For a few days in the beginning of August, I (Brandi) went to Florida (Melbourne area) for a few days with Sharon & her Mom to visit Sharon's sister. We had a great time-- lots of fun, laughs, things to see, and relaxing times.
While there, Sharon showed me all around the area -- so many cool and pretty things to see/do there! We were near the NASA space station, so on one of the days, there was a scheduled landing of one of the space shuttles, so we waited on the beach hoping to get a glimpse of it coming in for a landing. When it was time, we didn't actually see it, but we heard the sonic boom, which was cool! We also took a day trip to St. Augustine-- what a beautiful old-city town! We rented little gas-powered cars that we buzzed around the city in to get a look at as much as we could... they were a lot of fun!

It was great to get away for a few days and like everyone told me -- "I needed it", but I did miss the kids a lot. The "mommy guilt" brought me to tears the day I left and my heart ached being away from them. I did love coming home to hear them all yelling, "Mommy, Mommy! I missed you!" and tons of hugs & kisses -- priceless!! It makes it all worth while... they make life all worth while! Mommy loves you, babies! :)

Sharon, thank you again for the invite... thanks for everything! I had such a great time and I am lucky to have such a great friend! :)

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