Balloon Festival 2009 (7/24/09)

Stephanie, Sharon, the 4 kids, and I all went out to the 2009 Balloon Festival at the Soleberg Airport in Readington, NJ. As always, all of the hot-air balloons up & taking flight is always amazing to see! All of the shapes, colors, etc. -- awesome! We had 1 daring little one who wanted to go up in one-- guess who?? Yes-- Juliana ... but, we didn't get a chance to... maybe next time. We had a good time strolling around watching the balloons, trying all different kinds of samples, taking chances, etc. It was fun!
Despite all of the beauty of the balloons, our feet were not too pretty! It was a rainy week here in Jersey which turned the fields we had to park in & walk across a MESS! Stephanie and I almost lost our flip-flops as we treked through the mud, we had to drag the 2 double strollers, and to top the night off, my minivan got STUCK in the mud as we attempted to leave... wheels spinnin', mud flingin'... UGH! So-- once we got PUSHED out of that mess, we were on our way home... thank goodness! Thanks to the shower, the garden hose, and the car wash (not 1x, but 2x's!) -- everyone and everything got clean. :) What a mess on such a nice day!
Note to self... no more balloon fest during a rainy week! :)

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Heather said...

OMG! The Beemster balloon was the balloon we crewed for!!!! altho we werent there Friday, didnt make it till Saturday!