Popcorn Zoo for Savanna's Birthday! (5/12/09)

In celebration of Savanna's 5th birthday, Memom took the day off and her, all 6 kids, and I took a trip to the Popcorn Zoo! This was the 1st visit to this particular zoo ... everyone had a good time!
The kids loved checking out all of the animals and feeding them POPCORN, of course! The kids got to get so up close & personal with so many of the animals there, which was an exciting experience for them. They got within arm's reach of a peacock with full-feather span on random occasions around the zoo, they got a kick out of watching & interacting with the monkeys, got to hand-feed deer, sheep, etc., came within feet of a tiger, cougar, 3 big brown bears, and saw a Mommy duck with her babies all in a row trailing behind. After we left the "zoo" part, we did go into the cat/dog rescue they have on-site there, and checked out all of the dogs & cats that are up for adoption. Juliana, of course, was loving life seeingall of the "kitties and doggies" and no-- we did not take one home! lol... :)

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