New wheels! (5/14/09)

All 4 kids got a set of new wheels... BIKE wheels, that is!
Upon opening the front door of the house, they were all so excited at the site of 4 bikes sitting in our driveway. They quickly rushed over to the bikes and staked claim on "their bike". Right away, they hopped on & were off and running. We started on the sidewalk, but it was a little difficult, so we took them into the street on the dead-end just beyond our driveway, and they all buzzed around... breaking in their "new wheels".

Besides the usual few falls and scratches, I am happy to report that they are all doing well with bike riding... getting easier & easier for them each day. Like with most things, though, Juliana seems like a "natural". She just gets on and rides and rides and rides! :)

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