Mother's Day 2009 (5/10/09)

Everyday is Mother's Day, but today was the official day for 2009. :) I woke up to all of the kids proudly yelling "Happy Mother's/Mudder's Day, Mommy!", then spent the day with them, and later we all went to my mom's for dinner where we had all of the "moms" together... me, my Mom (Memom), my grandmother (Grammy), and my sister (Dana). It was a good time... and a good day, especially to be a MOM. :)
With Daddy's help, the kids made all of the "moms" flowers in flower pots earlier in the week, which they were so excited to give. They really came out cute!

In addition to celebrating us "Moms" today, we also celebrated Muhsin's birthday! **Happy Birthday, Moose!**

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