Mother's Day at PreK (5/8/09)

Angelia & Savanna's PreK class hosted a Mother's Day gathering, which Dana & I attended. The teachers invited all of the Moms to come to the classroom, enjoy a story about Mother's Day together with the kids, the kids sang songs ("You are my Sunshine" being my favorite), and gave their Moms a flower and a special "handprint" project they made, which if course, made me cry! The kids were so proud of themselves and so happy to have their Mommies were in class with them... it was sweet and a great kick-off to Mother's Day 2009. :)

Following the Mother's Day event at Preschool, I took Savanna & Angelia out shopping, so they could buy their "Mommies" something for Mother's Day and where better to find such a wonderful selection of great gifts at a low price??-- the Dollar Tree! lol... I'm not kidding! Anyway-- the girls were excited, strolling around the store each with their own hand basket. After shopping for a bit, they started to get a little carried away with things for themselves in the basket, so I had to limit them to 2 things for their Mom and 2 things for them. At "check-out time", they each unloaded their own hand basket, paid for their purchases, and got their own bag-- this experience was a huge deal! :)
I know you are probably wondering-- just what did the girls buy us for Mother's Day??? Well, Dana and I each got a journal and a teddy bear in a gift bag from our "big girls" for Mother's Day! :) They were so proud of their purchases!

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