BAM! lol... (2/26/09)

Today, I kicked the kids' after-lunch treat up a few notches! (BAM! lol...) Anyway-- they got to put icing and sprinkles on the ice cream cone cupcakes I made for them. The "decorating" portion went surprisingly well (hardly any mess!), but the "eating" part was where the mess came in! I had chocolate cake chunks all over the kitchen table area-- UGH! I know... another one of Mommy's "great ideas"! lol... they enjoyed it and I cleaned it all up-- that's what matters! :)

And yes, Micaela... you can lick the spoon! :)

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Annie said...

I always give the kids yellow cake---for some reason, I seem to think that yellow cakes makes LESS mess-----don't know why-but I don't think my kids know chocolate exists!!!! :)

You are making some great memories for the kids.......again, Brandi, GREAT job! :)