Attacked by the STOMACH BUG! (mid-March '09)

Yes, our home has been attacked by the dreaded "stomach bug"! It all started last Wednesday with my niece, Courtney, and has made it's way through this entire household! It got Anthony & Angelia on Friday night, Micaela & Michael on Sunday, and finally, Juliana & I today... UGH! So far, only a few of those who have been at this house since last week have escaped the wrath of the stomach bug and we are hoping they stay well... good luck with that guys! :) Anyway-- over these last few days, I have wiped too many hineys & changed too many Pull-ups to count, have done
numerous loads of laundry (my poor PSE&G bill!), have shampooed carpets & furniture, been puked on... you name it! UGH-- I hate when the stomach bug gets us! It spreads like an epidemic! But like everything, this too shall pass and luckily, none of us were "sick sick" where we needed medical attention. Just lots of fluids, lots of rest, many trips to the bathroom, and lots of love have gotten us all better! :) Until next time... stay well all! :)

Some photos from "sick bay"...

My poor Julie-bug... she was so not herself today! :(

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Annie said...

Awwww, those poor sick kiddos! And poor sick Momma, too! :)
So glad the "bug" passed through rather quickly and everyone is on the mend! Yay for Spring, right?!