Everyone... SAY CHEESE!

I have finally gotten around to getting the triplets' 3 years old pictures done ... and one of Angelia, of course!

Anthony Joseph ... 3 years old

OMG-- he looks so grown up in this picture! my little man...

Juliana Abigail ... 3 years old

We had a hard time making her smile naturally. She knew what we wanted her to do, but she wanted to do it on her terms. In the end, we captured my little girl's beautiful smile. :)

Micaela Antonia ... 3 years old

My "Little Miss Sunshine"! I think that "name" along with the picture says it all! :)

Angelia Natalia ... 4.5 years old

My "baby girl" is getting so BIG! I love this picture of her.

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Annie said...

Oh, Brandi, they are really growing up!!!! Beautiful pics!