Happy St. Patty's Day '09!

It's that time of year again... a time for everyone to be a little Irish! :) We kicked off this year's Irish celebration at the annual Trenton St. Patrick's Day parade! I have been going since I was a child and now I am taking my own kids. :) We must have had one of the best setas along the parade route-- thanks to Aunt Sharon's good idea! We were at the beginning of the parade up on a porch of a doctor's office. The kids were up & above street level, so they could see everything and they were all in 1 spot -- no worries about them getting lost in the shuffle with the TONS of parade-watchers.

The most memorable part of the parade: There was a group of women passing by dressed in Colonial-style dresses followed by men dressed in Colonial-war attire. As Micaela was talking to Aunt Sharon commenting about the "princesses" (that's how she referred to the women in the Colonial dresses), the men behind the women shot their muskets, as they would do every so many feet. To this happening, Micaela replied... "That wasn't very nice!" When you ask Micaela what happened, she replies, "The princess got shot!" Nice memory from the parade at this young age, huh?! We do laugh about it, though... it was funny how it all happened and then her perception of the event. lol... :) Anyway-- we all had a good time at the parade!
To conclude our St. Patty's Day festivities, we enjoyed 2 days of corned beef & cabbage! This is Mommy's favorite meal of the year! :) Oh and by the way-- if you have never cooked your corned beef in a crock pot with beer-- try it-- YUM!

Wishing all of you a little luck of the Irish! **Happy St. Patty's Day!**

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Annie said...

Happy St. Patty's Day! Love the good old Irish antennaes!!! :) Wish we could have been there. :)