A triple-sized 3rd Birthday! (2/10/09)

It's official... today my babies are now 3 YEARS OLD!! OMG-- I can't believe it! Where have these last few years gone!?!? My babies are getting SO big!
The kids woke up this morning to HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes galore and balloons to kick up the excitement a few notches 1st thing in the morning! :) Later in the day, Michael & I took the triplets, Angelia, Courtney, & Savanna to Kid Junction where they all had a blast (pics to follow in the next post), and then back home for dinner and cake!

They usually "share" 1 cake, but I wanted to make them their own for their actual birthday, so I made a Princess cake for Juliana & Micaela and attempted a "Thomas the Train" cake for Anthony (it's close, but not that close... lol... hey-- I tried!). They were thrilled and then after we sang, they remained very territorial of their cake and didn't want to share with this one and that one... oh lordy! The little things in life that cause the most grief in the little ones' lives! But overall, they had a great 3rd birthday!

To my babies: I cannot believe you are 3 years old already! In what seems like such a short time, you have grown up so fast into "little people" ... so very different from one another, but so much alike one another. All 3 of you continue to amaze me, surprise me, bring a smile to my face, and fill my life & heart with so much love, hope, & joy EVERY day. I know you all don't understand this now, but I hope the love I give you and the smile on my face tells you all that everyday. Mommy loves you so very much and I wish you all a very happy 3rd birthday! Love, Mommy

Can you believe that just 3 short years ago, they were this little??? Wow-- how times flies!
Miracles sure do happen again and again and again!

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Annie said...

Their cakes came out great!!!! Good job, Brandi!

OMG-the baby pic is soooooooo stinkin' cute!