Birthday fun at Kid Junction (2/10/09)

The cold days of Winter have kept us all indoors a lot recently, so for the triplets' birthday, we got OUT... out of the house, that is! We visited Kid Junction, an indoor play place for kids and they had a BLAST! There were a lot of fun things for the kids to do there... a place for them & their imaginations to run wild! Throughout the place, they had little "places" set-up for the kids to pretend play ... from a gym to a post office to a grocery store to a theater stage to a diner ... the kids made there way around the place & did their thing.

**Workin' up a sweat!**

**You've got mail!**

**Serving Mommy for a change!**

**Here comes Jules with her puppies in tow... she's my animal & baby lover!**

**We love shopping!**

**Drama queens!**

**Oh no! Imagine these girls at the wheel! Watch out World... in 12-15 years, that is!**

**If you live in/around central NJ & have little ones, check out Kid Junction in Mt. Laurel, NJ! It's nice, clean, & fun! Enjoy!

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Annie said...

That place looks awesome! We need to go there! :)

Brandi-BTW-great pic of you-you look GREAT!